Report Highlights Housing Disparities

This Labor Day, Chainbreaker released a report called “Equitable Development and Risk of Displacement.”

The report is a collaboration with Health Equity Partnership (a project of the Santa Fe Community Foundation) and Human Impact Partners (a national non-profit working to transform communities to shift power relations). It focuses on four Santa Fe neighborhoods to identify the various indicators of gentrification and displacement. The neighborhoods profiled are:

  • Hopewell/Mann
  • Airport Rd. Corridor
  • Canyon Rd.
  • Downtown

It won’t be a surprise that the report found that residents in each of the four neighborhoods experience life in Santa Fe very differently. Resident’s of Hopewell/Mann face the greatest risk of being gentrified out of their neighborhood, while residents of Airport Rd. Corridor lack key resource investments to support health, well-being and sustainability. Both neighborhoods are mostly composed of Latino residents and a large percentage of youth.

In contrast, Canyon Rd. and Downtown residents face very little risk of displacement and enjoy some of the highest incomes and most valuable real estate in the city. Residents of these neighborhoods tend to be white and the median age is 70 in the downtown area and 62 on Canyon Rd.

The report underscores what many of us already know but that few want to talk about publicly: Santa Fe is becoming increasingly segregated and not all of our residents enjoy the same quality of life

The Resident’s Bill of Rights Resolution has paved the way for us to begin to address these problems with comprehensive progressive policies. Contact us to become part of the movement!

Download Executive Summary HERE

Download Full Report HERE