HIA Report: Equitable Development and Risk of Displacement

This Health Impact Assessment report was a collaborative project between Chainbreaker Collective, Health Equity Partnership and Human Impact Partners.

HIA Report: Equitable Development and Risk of Displacement

Health, Healing and Housing

Chainbreaker’s work is featured in the latest New York Times op-ed where Dr. Baiocchi and @jakecarlson propose the “creation of the Social Housing Development Authority, a federal agency that would purchase distressed real estate, ensure it is livable and environmentally sound, and finance its transfer to the so-called social housing sector, including tenant cooperatives, community land trusts, nonprofits or public housing.”

Creative solutions to #develpmentwithoutdisplacement are possible!

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Learn more about the health benefits of a community land trust in our report here.…/health-healing-and…/…

Evictions in the COVID-19 Era: A threat to family and community health in Santa Fe

In the first research brief of this series, we describe Santa Fe’s housing insecurity crisis, which predates the COVID-19 pandemic. We highlight gaps in eviction moratoria at the local, state, and federal levels. These policies lack strong or comprehensive protections to guarantee that all renters will remain housed and healthy, particularly with climbing debt from back rent. Additionally, none of the moratoria are fully holding up their promise of keeping families housed — evictions have continued throughout the pandemic.


Successes and Limitations of Moratoria to Keep People Housed and Healthy in Santa Fe

In the second brief of this series, we reveal the reality of the eviction crisis in Santa Fe using new public records data on eviction filings. We compare trends in 2020 eviction filings to prior years and explore how the major causes of eviction filings have changed over time. Finally, we describe disparities in eviction filings at the census tract level, looking closely at the Hopewell/Mann and Airport Road Corridor neighborhoods of Santa Fe. These communities have experienced disproportionate housing insecurity, including displacement, gentrification, and rising cost of rent.


Beyond Recovery Policy Recommendations to Prevent Evictions and Promote Housing Security in Santa Fe

This report is the third and final in a series examining the health
impacts of the escalating eviction crisis in Santa Fe, New Mexico and presents solutions to keep Santa Fe families housed
through the duration of the Covid-19 crisis. It also describes 15
actions the city can take to create a more equitable housing
system for all residents. It charts the immediate steps necessary
to stop current evictions and prevent a flood of evictions as
local, state, and federal eviction moratoria lift; to codify tenant
protections for the long term; and to invest in a long-term
equitable recovery that addresses the structural roots of our
housing crisis.