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Chainbreaker is a membership-led non-profit organization. We believe that the people most affected by injustice are also the most effective at changing it. The bulk of our members are bicyclists and transit-dependent bus riders, and most of them are low-income people of color. Our members are the ultimate decision-makers for our organization and provide leadership for our work on all levels.

Our dues structure represents our dedication to economic justice. Members pay annual dues that are the equivalent of whatever they make in two hours of work. That means that members who make $10 an hour pay $20 a year, and members who make $100 an hour pay $200 a year.

Anyone who believes in our mission can become a member; however, we strive to build a base of people directly affected by our issues.

Building community happens in the streets and face to face. The best way to become a member is to contact us. To make a one-time or recurring donation click below, thank you!