Other Ways to Support Chainbreaker

Help Plan Events

Chainbreaker can raise money and get our message out with community events.  If you have ideas for events, resources and/or connections, contact us and let us know you are interested in joining the Events Committee. You can also volunteer to host a House Party, Fill out this form to sign up as a House Party Host/Hostess.


Donate Bus Passes

The same transportation barriers that we are working to overcome also affect our ability to organize.  Chainbreaker members spend a lot of time attending meetings and conducting outreach on buses.  Fare costs add up quickly.  You can purchase pre-paid bus passes individually or in bulk directly from Santa Fe Trails by stopping by their office or calling them at 505-955-2001.  You can also donate any of your old change cards or passes that have not been exhausted.


Help Sell Non-Recyclable Items

The standing policy of the Bicycle Resource Center is to always redistribute any bike or part that can be made useful for transportation regardless of market value.  However, sometimes we receive valuable donations that are not viable for transportation.  Contact us if you can help by selling these items to raise funds for Chainbreaker at your yard sale, bike swap or on Craigslist or eBay.


Ask Your Employer to Match Your Support

Many employers will match donations of money up to a certain amount to organizations like Chainbreaker.  You can talk to your employer and see if they would be willing to match your gift.  This will double its power.  If your employer is unwilling or unable to donate money, you can ask if they are willing to donate products or services or participate in an event such as a 10% day.


Database, Tech and Social Media Support

It is hard to keep up with the speed of technology.  You can help Chainbreaker stay up-to-date by helping us develop and/or maintain social media  and making sure our ongoing tech needs are met.  In particular, if you are familiar civicrm you can also help support and develop our database.