Help Santa Feans Ride! Bus Pass Rebate

In 2012, Chainbreaker members fought hard and won money to buy new buses and build new bike infrastructure.   When a proposal to use some of that money to create a bike-share (a taxpayer subsidized bike rental) program, Chainbreaker members sprung into action.  The bike-share proposal raised serious equity concerns and threatened to take money away from our already underfunded bus system.

We had a better idea.  In Autumn of 2013, we won a campaign to use that money to provide free bus passes to people who get bikes and equipment from many local bike shops or through the Bicycle Resource Center.

Car-dependence keeps people poor.  Transportation can take a huge chunk of working people’s income.  But for too many, living car-free is out of reach.  Riding a bike can be hard because most working people can’t afford to live close to town.  Our bus system is underfunded and there is not enough service in most areas.  Walks to and from the bus stop are sometimes far and unsafe.  This program is the first step toward changing that.  As long as it is funded, people in Santa Fe won’t have to choose between buying a bike or buying a bus pass.

There are two types of passes available:

  • Monthly Bus Pass Rebate
    You’re eligible for a free monthly bus pass if you bought comuter or safety equipment for more than $20 at a participating store.  Because this type of equipment is difficult to recycle, the Bicycle Resource Center will not be issuing receipts for rebates in this category. 
  • Annual Bus Pass Rebate
    You’re eligible for a free annual bus pass if you bought a new or use bike for more than $240 at a participating store or received one through the Bicycle Resource Center

To receive your free bus pass, bring a qualifying receipt to the Santa Fe Trails Office at 2931 Rufina St.  You can take the Route 2 bus and ask the driver for directions.

You can receive both a monthly and annual bus pass, but you can only receive one in each category.  If you made more than one purchase  with the intention of getting a rebate for someone else, please have them come with you to redeem your passes.

Did you receive a rebate?  Share your story with us so we can help expand the program.