Celebrate Economic Justice Victories On Labor Day

This Labor Day, Chainbreaker members will be celebrating the successful passage of the Resident’s Bill of Rights Resolution. The Resolution creates a new framework for how policy makers should help our city grow. It is a tool that will help us hold elected officials accountable and open the door for a new era of Housing Justice. Santa Fe was the first in the country to pass a resolution like this and now the eyes of the nation are focused on what we will do with it.

Only weeks after the resolution passed, we are already gearing up. This Labor Day, from 11-3 PM at the Center of Progress and Justice, community organizations fighting for Worker Justice will host a celebration of the many victories our shared struggle has seen this year. At this event, we’ll release a report called “Equitable Development and Risk of Displacement.”

The report underscores what many of us already know but that few want to talk about publicly: Santa Fe is becoming increasingly segregated and not all of our residents enjoy the same quality of life.

We are releasing these findings on Labor Day because this is a Worker Justice issue. Because of these trends in Santa Fe, over two-thirds of Santa Fe’s workers are forced to commute from out of the city, deepening the cycle of poverty and environmental destruction caused by car-dependency.

Join us on Labor Day from 11-3 at the Center for Progress and Justice to celebrate our victories and start working to create new ones!

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