Homes For All – Reclaim! Remain! Rebuild our cities!

Homes For AllOne of the root causes of transit injustice is inequitable urban planning.  As our cities grow, many low-income people can no longer afford to live in centralized neighborhoods and are forced to move to areas that lack access to work opportunities, health and recreation centers, access to healthy food or other amenities that are needed for sustainable communities.  The public transportation systems in these areas lack the funding to be truly effective alternatives to driving.

This process is called gentrification.  Gentrification mostly hurts low-income people of color.

As gentrification happens more and more, it causes our cities to sprawl and leaves many of us with little alternative to car-dependency.  As our commute times increase and gas prices rise, it creates a cycle of poverty that is hard to break.

Chainbreaker is proud to be part of Right to the City – a national alliance of grassroots organizations fighting for housing justice.  We are participating in the Homes For All Campaign to bring Santa Fe’s fight against gentrification and to preserve our culture, our neighborhoods and our people into the national arena.

Join the struggle for housing justice!