Why Is A Rebate A Better Idea?

Given the current economic crisis, rising gas and transportation costs and the urgency to address global climate change, now is the time for forward thinking policies that begin to solve these problems.  In light of so many concerns with a bike share program, Chainbreaker members have created an alternative proposal called Help Santa Feans Ride. If passed, it will redirect funds away from a bike share program toward a program that will provide free bus passes as rebates to people who buy a bike at a local store.  This is a better use of city funds because:

  • Makes It Easier To Ride The Bus
    Until our bus system expands, many of us still have a long walk to and from the bus stop.  Passing this rebate will help us get a bike to overcome that barrier, making it easier and safer to ride the bus, while reducing commute time.
  • Cuts Transportation Costs For The People Who Need It Most –
    As gas prices rise and commute times increase, transportation costs hurt more people.  Many of us are forced to choose between paying for gas or feeding our families.  When we find alternatives, we’re often still forced to choose between buying a bike or paying bus fare.  Passing this rebate will break that cycle.
  • Helps Protect The Environment –
    Driving cars is not only expensive, it also pollutes our air, water and soil.  Passing this rebate will make it easier for people to choose to stop driving.
  • Boosts The Local Economy –
    We pay the taxes that will fund these programs.  Passing this rebate will help people like us support local businesses and keep our tax money circulating in our own community.

Help us make it happen!