Each One Teach One

The BRC University is a popular education based skill sharing program to develop new community leaders and support the Bicycle Resource Center (BRC).  Over a 10 week comprehensive course participants learn the skills to become certified mechanic instructors and help run the BRC.

clemente brc

This program is much more than a training program for bicycle mechanics. The BRC not only provides immediate transportation solutions for hundreds of low-income people who would otherwise be stranded, but it serves as a springboard for our larger transit justice work. BRC University graduates know the ins and outs of community organizing as well as bicycle mechanics.

The program runs through 2 cycles each year.  It is free for participants, but requires a dedication to our ideal’s and ongoing commitment to share the skills received with others through the BRC.

Check out the 2016 calendar. If you are interested in participating in the next session, please check out the application call or  contact us for information on how to apply.