Women’s Night and Spanish Night for BRC

Because society imposes different gender rolls for men and women, the Bicycle Resource Center can, unfortunately, be very male-dominated.  Many self-identifying women have told us that this can create an uninviting climate for them. A group of dedicated female mechanics responded by creating a workshop night by women and for women.

In response to a similar dynamic for monolingual Spanish speakers, a Spanish-only workshop night was also created.

We did this to be true to our organizing principles and to create environments where all of our members could have equal access to the BRC.

Unfortunately, due to a lack of resources, and  political climate forcing us to constantly engage in organizing campaigns to defend our bus system, we have since had to suspend these special workshop nights.

Once resources become available, we will re-open both of these special workshop nights.  We would also like to launch a special BRC workshop night for youth under 21.  If you have any interest in helping restart these programs, please contact us to make it happen!