Support Our Fundraising Drive!

Now is the time for grassroots solidarity and support!

Chainbreaker has been fighting for over a decade to build a Santa Fe that respects our values of social, economic, environmental and racial justice and won many victories toward that end. We will continue this struggle no matter who is president. But the stakes are higher now than ever before. And our need for support is greater now than ever before.

Now we are doing this work under a presidential administration openly hostile to our community and the values we hold dear. We have every confidence in our people and our ability to organize. However, we know we must expect new challenges, threats and attacks.

This means that the work Chainbreaker will be called to do will increase dramatically over the next four years. At the same time, we can expect funding for the work we do to dwindle as the economy suffers and institutions become intimidated. Our annual budget is roughly the equivalent to what Donald Trump makes in a single day. On that shoestring budget, we can maintain our current capacity and keep moving forward. But only with your support.

In order to survive Trump’s term and answer the call to fight for justice in this critical time of need, we will need to raise $600,000 over the next 4 years. Our goal is to raise 1% ($6,000) of that in the first 30 days of his administration.

You can help us reach that goal by donating today!

Your donation of whatever you can contribute will send a powerful message that we, as a people, are united in struggle, ready to defend our victories and committed to advancing our values. Our first action in 2017 will be to host a Development Without Displacement symposium that will use the Resident’s Bill of Rights to help guide the city’s budget conversations in March. This will be more critical now than ever. We will not be intimidated by threats of cuts or open hostility. We will make sure Santa Fe’s values remain intact.

By giving generously today, you can help make sure that, together, we can survive, thrive and advance the movement for economic and environmental justice no matter who is in office.

Contribute now: Let’s show a strong commitment to civil rights, human rights and social justice from the get go!