Chainbreaker Findings on SFAI’s Tilt Podcast (Part 1): “We Are Stronger Together”

Tilt Podcast Episode 10 (Part 1) with Midtown Engagement Partners

The Midtown Engagement Partners (Chainbreaker Collective, EarthcareLittleglobeYouthworks, and UNM’s Design and Planning Assistance Center (DPAC)) were featured in SFAI’s Tilt Podcast and talked about collective findings, visions, and more about the former SFUAD, best known as Midtown campus, located in 1600 St. Michaels Dr, in Santa Fe, NM. Listen now to discover how the Midtown campus can be developed!

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“The Santa Fe Midtown Engagement Partners have been working together on new models for partnership, building trust in and through community engagement, and why it is important that such different organizations with different missions come together to dream of a better future. As one of the partners, SFAI speaks with Chainbreaker, Earth Care, Littleglobe, Youthworks, and UNM’s Design and Planning Assistance Center (DPAC) about collectively investing in the creativity of our community.”