Author: Tomas Rivera

  • The other energy crisis

    The other energy crisis

    BY ALICIA INEZ GUZMÁN AND LUCIANA PEREZ URIBE GUINASSI Thank you to Searchlight New Mexico for including our active member Rebeca kueber! Are you afraid of getting evicted from your home? Call us at our Eviction Protection Hotline at (505) 577 5481 or click here to have us contact you back!

  • Midtown Survey – Encuesta

    [Bilingüe] Now that the elections are over, it’s time to focus on the issues. Before the Covid-19 pandemic, Santa Fe had a high eviction rate. We still saw many evictions in people-of-color low-income neighborhoods even during the federal, state, and municipal moratorium. Our community’s priority is to prevent a looming eviction crisis. We asked the…