About Us

Chainbreaker Collective – Since 2004

Chainbreaker is a member-led economic,  environmental and racial  justice organization based in Santa Fe, NM. Through base building community organizing, Chainbreakers builds power for low-income BIPOC people in Santa Fe to win real concrete victories that directly benefit our lives.

Chainbreaker’s work is rooted in the belief that the people most affected by injustice are also the most effective at changing it.

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Chainbreaker works to expand access to affordable transportation and support economically and environmentally sustainable communities for low-income people in Northern NM.


We envision a Santa Fe with clean air, water and soil that supports a sustainable community for all its members. We believe that a sustainable community must include:

  • A transportation system that allows for its members to get where they need to go in a safe, reliable and affordable way.
  • A housing system in which low-income and people of color have equal access; where residents are free of the threats of unwanted gentrification and displacement because they have direct control and the final say in how their community develops and where they can live safely and comfortably without needing to spend more than 1/3 of their income on housing costs.
  • Accessible public spaces, maintained in good condition for gathering, socializing, recreation and that promote healthy lifestyles.

As our work moves forward, our vision for the world we want to live in expands. Become a member today and help our mission evolve.


  • Because we believe that people of color’s voices continue to be overwhelmed by those from more privileged backgrounds, we will give them priority for our organizational membership and leadership.
  • Because we believe that the people most affected by injustice are most effective at changing it, leadership for our campaigns will come directly from those who stand to be most affected by the outcome.
  • We will ensure that our resources will remain available and inviting to people who are systematically denied access to education and wealth by giving preference to the economically disadvantaged, people of color, elderly, disabled, women, youth and members of the LGBTQ (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer) community.
  • Because we believe that our work both affects and is affected by policies and social movements beyond our scope and reach, we will work in solidarity with movements for social and economic justice.