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  • Posolada 2022!

    Posolada 2022!

    Join us for our yearly closure party, we want to celebrate our community victories and remember those family members or friends that have been displaced out of Santa Fe. Last year we lighted more than 2,000 farolitos to honor those who have been forced to move out because of disinvestment and gentrification in their neighborhood.…

  • Día de los Muertos

    Día de los Muertos

    Acompáñanos el sábado 29 de Octubre para un evento dedicado a la comunidad! Tendremos clínica para inquilinos, pruebas gratuitas de Covid-19, sorteo de bicicletas, y si vienes disfrazado tendrás la oportunidad de ganar un premio. Registrate aquí arriba para ayudarnos con los detalles de comida y permisos para fotos. 📸 Homewise estará presente para compartir…

  • Midtown Q&A

    Midtown Q&A

    Join us next Thursday, August 18th, at 6 pm for a Q&A session about the Midtown Campus’s development with a City of Santa Fe representative. What is blight, and what does this mean for your neighborhood? Answer these questions and more! Translation in Spanish will be available. Is your landlord threatening you with eviction? Call…

  • Chainbreaker Findings on SFAI’s Tilt Podcast (Part 2): “We Are Stronger Together”

    Chainbreaker Findings on SFAI’s Tilt Podcast (Part 2): “We Are Stronger Together”

    The Midtown Engagement Partners (Chainbreaker Collective, Earthcare, Littleglobe, Youthworks, and UNM’s Design and Planning Assistance Center (DPAC)) were featured in SFAI’s Tilt Podcast and talked about collective findings, visions, and more about the former SFUAD, best known as Midtown campus, located in 1600 St. Michaels Dr, in Santa Fe, NM. Listen now to discover how the Midtown campus can…

  • The other energy crisis

    The other energy crisis

    BY ALICIA INEZ GUZMÁN AND LUCIANA PEREZ URIBE GUINASSI Thank you to Searchlight New Mexico for including our active member Rebeca kueber! Are you afraid of getting evicted from your home? Call us at our Eviction Protection Hotline at (505) 577 5481 or click here to have us contact you back!

  • How the Pandemic Threw Fuel on a Growing Housing Movement

    How the Pandemic Threw Fuel on a Growing Housing Movement

    Organizers and activists hope the pandemic has changed how America thinks of housing for good. BY BRYCE COVERT Special thanks to Bryce Covert for this amazing article!

  • Join the advisory committee to CONNECT más!

    Join the advisory committee to CONNECT más!

    Chainbreaker Collective is organizing an Advisory Committee for the CONNECT Network.  This committee will be made of 7-10 members which will be meeting quarterly, twice virtually, and twice in-person. The goal for this committee is to improve the CONNECT Network based on individual suggestions and receive feedback. Individuals interested in joining this committee must complete…

  • #Posolada@Midtown


    Chainbreaker’s Posolada was a huge success. We received input from more than 200 families! Thank you for attending our annual Posolada on December 20th, this year, at the Midtown Campus. A big thank you to speakers Mayor Alan Webber, Councilwoman Renee Villarreal, and Councilwoman Jamie Cassutt for your inspiring warming words; and thank you, volunteers…