Posolada 2022!

Join us for our yearly closure party, we want to celebrate our community victories and remember those family members or friends that have been displaced out of Santa Fe.

Last year we lighted more than 2,000 farolitos to honor those who have been forced to move out because of disinvestment and gentrification in their neighborhood.

Our Posolada this year will celebrate the power of our people and address the issues that we’re still fighting against. This winter more than 5,700 residents of Santa Fe could become homeless if they’re not able to afford rent, gas, utilities, and others expenses.

This free event will take place in our Bicycle Resource Center at 1515 5th St. Sunday, December 18th from 10 am to 2 pm. We will raffle kids’ bikes, celebrate our BRC graduates, and enjoy dancing music with a hot bowl of Posole.

You can RSVP below, on Facebook, or just come by!