It Takes Roots Solidarity to Solutions Week


It Takes Roots

Chainbreaker Collective will participate in the #ItTakesRoots Solidarity to Solutions (#Sol2Sol) Week of action which is taking place from September 8-14, 2018 in the Bay Area. #Sol2Sol will highlight frontline communities’ solutions that address the interlinked crises of climate, economic, and racial justice. Through cross-sector, solutionary strategy exchange, local solutions tours, community leadership development, creative actions, and democratic popular assembly, we will provide direction on bold and transformative pathways for change and shift the narrative around false top-down marketdriven solutions and techno-fixes. We will illustrate how the most regenerative solutions to the climate crisis require not only decarbonization, but also strategies to decolonize, detoxify, demilitarize, de-gentrify and democratize our economies and our communities. We will take a stand for our collective communities at the #ItTakesRoots #Sol2Sol Week in San Fran! Thousands will be there to make sure our voices are heard for climate justice!
We are hosting a fundraiser to provide meals to our Staff, Board Members and Leaders representing Chainbreaker Collective at #Sol2Sol, visit our Facebook to donate to our Fundraiser!