Indict the system

As an organization composed largely of people of color which works on civil rights issues, Chainbreaker is disheartened to hear yet another message being sent to communities of color that our lives aren’t valued.

Our hearts go out to the family and friends of Michael Brown, the people of Furguson and communities hurt by police violence everywhere, every day. This is an issue that hits very close to home in NM. The failure of the grand jury to indict a white police officer for killing an unarmed Black teenager demonstrates the depth of the problems our society continues to face.

We believe in solidarity with all people engaged in the struggle for justice and the people of Furguson need all our support today.

Please take today to reflect on the issue and send support for community organizing in Ferguson and the people protesting this decision, many of whom have already been arrested and will, ironically, almost certainly face indictment.

Here is a link to a Missouri organization that is a national network partner of Chainbreaker.