¡Votante Pa’Lante!

Votante Pa’Lante is the name of our voter registration and education efforts.   The Votante Pa’Lante campaign focuses on educating stake holders about legislation that will directly affect their lives and holding elected officials accountable to our community.  We focus on unlikely voters in low-income communities of color that are frequently overlooked by traditional voter campaigns.votante palante poster copy

We launched Votante Pa’Lante in 2011 to help educate our members about a bond election to create the first regional park in Santa Fe’s South Side and also to expand bicycle trail connectivity throughout the city.  That initial campaign was very successful.  Because we know that many of our members feel so disenfranchised from the system that they rarely vote and many others are not even able to register in the first place, we continue to keep Votante Pa’Lante alive as a campaign that ebbs and flows depending on the current political climate.  People are still able to register to vote at Chainbreaker and when there is an issue that will directly affect our members, you can expect to see Chainbreaker in the streets, riding buses and knocking on doors providing information about the issues and helping people register to vote.

Chainbreaker is a 501(c)3 organization and does not endorse candidates through this project.