City Council to Vote on Bill of Rights Resolution WEDNESDAY

This Wednesday, July 29th at 4:30PM, City Councilors will decide whether or not they want to support housing justice in Santa Fe with the Resident’s Bill of Rights Resolution.

The Resolution mirrors a comprehensive Bill of Rights that was created over the course of a year with the input of hundreds of Santa Feans who have been the hardest hit by the housing crisis. If the Resolution is passed on Wednesday, it will provide a framework to guide policy makers on creating, reinforcing and expanding housing and urban planning policies that support a livable Santa Fe for all Santa Feans.

In order to pass this Resolution we need at least 5 elected officials to cast a yes vote. We need your support to make sure we that happens!

If you have yet to contact your elected officials to show your support for housing justice, now is the time to do so. The following city councilors have pledged their support for the resolution. Please contact them and thank them for their support:

The following elected officials have not yet pledged support or are shaky in their stance. Please contact them and ask them to vote yes for the Resident’s Bill of Rights Resolution:

Join us this Wednesday, July 29th at 4:30PM at City Hall to let our elected officials know how important Housing Justice is for Santa Fe and let them know that Santa Fe should be Livable for all Santa Feans!