2014 Platform

In December, 2013, Chainbreaker members voted and approved this platform to guide all our work for 2014.  Members reaffirmed our mission and vision and created a mandate to work toward the following goals:

  1. We will continue to build our membership base of bicyclists and transit-dependent bus riders.  We will work to defend previous wins including advancing and expanding the Help Santa Feans Ride program and work to expand bus service and access, particularly to the areas surrounding Airport Road.
  2. We will continue to build the Bicycle Resource Center project.  We will train new crew members (particularly women and Spanish speakers), re-open a second workshop day and use the project to expand our base and support campaigns.
  3. We will work to prevent gentrification and displacement, particularly in the Hopwell/Mann neighborhood through policies that protect residents and give them real power to decide how their neighborhood develops.
  4. We will work to curtail sprawl and encourage equitable and sustainable growth, particularly in the Airport Road area.